an european musical journey


my name is Luc, i’m a french sound engineer, and i come to you with a proposal.

i am on an european tour, meeting musicians and bands on the way, proposing organizing gigs or any kind of live audio and video recording and shooting, for free.

yes, for free, because i’m so hippie hearted. just that i love music, meeting and traveling, that way i conciliate all.

it can be anything you want … some video support that you would need, some gig in the wild or in a street, or in your living room, some acoustic session at sunset, some surprise for your friends, a cover you always wanted to record, or simply join you on some gig already planned, i can even be resourceful … just be creative ! i have kinda all material to do what you want.

in exchange, i’d like some of your time to meet you and be part of a webdoc that i will realize from this road trip. and maybe use your shower (something that i miss in my van) and a bed.

you can have a look at some of the videos i did last summer there :

see the schedule to see when i’ll be around your country :–SKT1TPkCCSVlaczhPcGxVNU1IY1NGcm1jMzBpTDZqZ2hr/view

and read the doc of the project there :–SKT1TPkCCSThkdXJoQnItRDQ/view

Luc (and you’re not my father). +33 6 17 16 81 55


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