Gothenburg Gadjos – Live at Nefertiti part 2 – Gothenburg / Sweden – 28.5.15

Euro-PA #19

As you all liked this band so much, here’s the second half of their performance :


Gothenburg Gadjos – Live at Nefertiti part 1 – Gothenburg / Sweden – 28.5.15

Euro-PA #18

I’ve hit some bad luck in Malmö. During the night, someone broke into my van. A few things were taken, but I can’t let that hold me back.

However, it does mean I can’t go to Bergen because I must find a garage to the replace the window. Eventually, I find a garage in Gothenburg that can do the job quickly.

Afterwards, I park in the city-centre and see these musicians crossing the street. I jump out of the van and ask them where they are going to play. And so my day unfolds: I end up following them Gothenburg Gadjosand we wind up in a mythic Gothenburg jazz club …

Gábor Valentiny – “Chaconne in G Major” – Haendel – Malmö/Sweden – 25.5.15

Euro-PA #17

I first met Gábor, a pianist, last year on his four-gig Romanian tour with a cellist.

He told me he lived in Malmö, Sweden, and I was welcome to stay with him during this year’s tour. After crossing the bridge I meet him in the school where he teaches.

Here, he’s playing Handel’s ‘Chaconne in G major’

Tesla Beat – “Alle Farben” – KB18 / Copenhagen / Denmark – 23.5.15

Euro-PA #16

It’s the same day … After the last band finished at the Lithuanian festival I packed up the stage, jumped in the van and joined the guys of Larica, a Danish band whom I had worked with last year.

At the moment Larica are redeveloping. Tonight they organised a party with “Alle Farben”, a DJ from Kreuzberg, Berlin. They asked me to make a short film of their event.

It was a great evening, although a little interrupted at the end when I realised I’d lost the keys to my van. After a quick panic and a thorough search, I found them on the floor. I have no idea how they got there but it was a good result at the end of a long day !

The Baltic Side – Copenhagen / Denmark – 23.5.15

Euro-PA #15

From this same Facebook post I received a call from the ‘Lithuanian Days’ in Denmark. They were looking for someone to stage manage their cultural exchange festival in Copenhagen.

I also suggested setting up my sound kit. It was a great day with a diverse line-up of Copenhagen bands.

This is ‘The Baltic Side’