Gothenburg Gadjos – Live at Nefertiti part 2 – Gothenburg / Sweden – 28.5.15

Euro-PA #19

As you all liked this band so much, here’s the second half of their performance :


Gothenburg Gadjos – Live at Nefertiti part 1 – Gothenburg / Sweden – 28.5.15

Euro-PA #18

I’ve hit some bad luck in Malmö. During the night, someone broke into my van. A few things were taken, but I can’t let that hold me back.

However, it does mean I can’t go to Bergen because I must find a garage to the replace the window. Eventually, I find a garage in Gothenburg that can do the job quickly.

Afterwards, I park in the city-centre and see these musicians crossing the street. I jump out of the van and ask them where they are going to play. And so my day unfolds: I end up following them Gothenburg Gadjosand we wind up in a mythic Gothenburg jazz club …

Gábor Valentiny – “Chaconne in G Major” – Haendel – Malmö/Sweden – 25.5.15

Euro-PA #17

I first met Gábor, a pianist, last year on his four-gig Romanian tour with a cellist.

He told me he lived in Malmö, Sweden, and I was welcome to stay with him during this year’s tour. After crossing the bridge I meet him in the school where he teaches.

Here, he’s playing Handel’s ‘Chaconne in G major’

Tesla Beat – “Alle Farben” – KB18 / Copenhagen / Denmark – 23.5.15

Euro-PA #16

It’s the same day … After the last band finished at the Lithuanian festival I packed up the stage, jumped in the van and joined the guys of Larica, a Danish band whom I had worked with last year.

At the moment Larica are redeveloping. Tonight they organised a party with “Alle Farben”, a DJ from Kreuzberg, Berlin. They asked me to make a short film of their event.

It was a great evening, although a little interrupted at the end when I realised I’d lost the keys to my van. After a quick panic and a thorough search, I found them on the floor. I have no idea how they got there but it was a good result at the end of a long day !

The Baltic Side – Copenhagen / Denmark – 23.5.15

Euro-PA #15

From this same Facebook post I received a call from the ‘Lithuanian Days’ in Denmark. They were looking for someone to stage manage their cultural exchange festival in Copenhagen.

I also suggested setting up my sound kit. It was a great day with a diverse line-up of Copenhagen bands.

This is ‘The Baltic Side’

Alfu Turu – “Rainbow Warriors” – Copenhagen/Denmark – 21.5.15

Euro-PA #14

On arriving in Denmark I didn’t have many contacts, so I decided to post an ad on a number of Facebook group-pages.

Alf (Alfu Turu) got in touch and we got together as soon as I arrived in Copenhagen. We set up in the main city park, without any officials questioning us.

Sadly the sun was behind the clouds, but that didn’t matter as the song has its own sunshine … “Rainbow Warriors”

A Fine Mess – “Anxiety of Loss” – Faaborg / Denmark – 19.5.15

Euro-PA #11

There are still two more live performances to post from Germany, but today I’m fast-forwarding to Denmark where I spent some time with Emil (we first met last year) in Faaborg, his hometown.

He invited me to record his band ‘A Fine Mess‘. We decided to set-up and shoot in one of the rooms of their music school.

“Anxiety of Loss”

Kruisko – “Wenn du mich suchst” – Berlin/Germany – 11.5.15

Euro-PA #10

As soon as we finished filming with Carole M, I drove back to Berlin with Romain to meet Kruisko.

Planning to record some of their covers from Nils Koppruch, the recently deceased German songwriter, we headed to another bank of the Spree …

Here it is “Wenn du mich suchst”